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Screening Results

20 Checks for every applications


  • Social Security Number Trace Reports names (alias) and addresses associated with a particular Social Security Number. 
  • National Sex Offender Registries Persons who has been criminally charged and convicted of or has pled guilty to a sex crime. Crimes requiring mandatory sex offender registration may include child sexual abuse, downloading child pornography, rape, and statutory rape 
  • 50 State Sex Offender Registry Certain states do not report to the national sex offender registry so this additional check verifies state level registries. 
  • National Criminal Database Search National criminal databases are a proprietary databases comprised of records from throughout the United States. These records come from three sources: court records, law enforcement agencies and corrections agencies. SportsEngine uses several of these aggregators to filter and validate results 
  • County Criminal Records Since most criminal activity is recorded at the county level, a county court's records provide valuable information when reviewing a screening application. Records are searched by name. The results are then reviewed using other identifiers, such as date of birth, social security number, or driver’s license number. If an individual has lived in more than one county in the last seven years, those may also be reviewed. 
  • Direct State Criminal Search Statewide criminal searches provide an overview of an applicant’s criminal history in a specific state. This search helps catch crimes you may not be found by residential county-level searches. 
  • Office of the Courts Reviewing records from the Office of the Courts provides access to civil litigation based on the current address of the applicant. 
  • Interpol Interpol is an international police organization which serves over 190 countries and provides data on international most wanted individuals. 
  • FBI Most Wanted FBI’s list of criminals and alleged criminals who are believed to be at large and are identified as the agency's highest priority for capture.
  • Terror Watch lists The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks for individuals that may be terrorists, international drug traffickers, involved WMDs, threats to national security, foreign policy or the US economy, or involved with the transport/sale of blood diamonds. 
  • National search on all aliases Using the aliases provided from the Social Security Number Trace, all other check are done against those names also. 
  • Birth records & Death records Vital record searches allow for verification of age and not deadness. 
  • TransUnion & Experian identification tools This information is primary sourced from credit reporting agencies and is used to validate identity NOT to validate credit score or worthiness. 
  • Government Records Review of government documents such as military service records or databases which preclude and individual for doing future government contracts. 
  • Civil Records County records from each jurisdiction that an applicant resided. Covers for many civil matters including contracts, personal injury, discrimination, eviction, and other specialized courts (probate, family, and small-claims courts). 
  • Department of Corrections This state specific check reviews inmate records for all institutions within the states in which the applicant may have resided. 
  • Office’s of Parole This county specific check reviews parole and probation status of the applicant. 
  • Felony & Harm Against Children time extension Provides organization with complete applicant history of felonies/harm against children convictions instead of just the previous 7 years. 
  • Manual Identity Verification Staff review any matches from various checks and validates name, social security number, date of birth, and address history before providing results to organization.  
  • Automated Adverse Action SportsEngine automatically notifies applicant all information in accordance with FCRA reporting guidelines.